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Rebecca is a writer, 

motivational speaker

and coach.

She brings personal insights, humor, and a wealth of experience to every engagement. 

Rebecca’s specialties include

Business Consulting. Discover the most effective strategies for success in your business. Rebecca conducts expert analysis and helps you understand what strategies to employ to achieve the greatest possible success.

Resilency training for groups and individuals. Discover how you can always comes out on top, no matter what life tosses your way.

Personal Coaching. Your personal strengths are already within you. Learn to direct them in the ways that will bring you the greatest possible joy and personal success.

Speaking engements. Rebecca speaks to businesses, schools, book clubs, youth groups, and educators on a variety of inspirational and motivational topics. See Speaking Engagements below for scheduling and further details.  

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Ordinary People- Jeremy Renner

A friend called today and said she wanted to see Wind River, the new movie out with Jeremy Renner, Kelsey Asbille and Julia Jones. And I suddenly remembered—I’m in that movie! Well, sort of. I’m an extra, bringing my “daughter” to school in one scene, and at the park...

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Productivity Cheats

Productivity Cheats There are only 24 hours in each day, and until someone starts selling time turners on Amazon, that’s all we’re going to get. The good news is that 24 hours translate into 1,440 minutes in each day. And a lot of yours are going to waste. From time...

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Resilience– 7 Steps to Bouncing Back

Resilience  When hard things happen—and let’s be honest, they happen to everyone nearly every day!—learning to bounce back is key to happiness! I’d been married 25 years when I discovered my husband was not who I thought he was. As my heart shattered into a thousand...

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Silent Night

This year we made a short Christmas music video as our family's Christmas card. Merry Christmas! And may the peace of our Savior be with you all year. <3 Silent...

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And Is Kind

I went to Italy last week, and the trip was, of course, amazing-- in all the ways you are imagining, and in some ways I'm pretty sure you're not imagining. I went to church in Vicenza, in a small American military ward (congregation), and it felt like home. I looked...

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Tonight after CrossFit, where I’m getting better, I had a reality hit me.  I’m completely single. Not temporarily. Not for a moment, sort of a little bit single. I’m completely single. I looked around my bedroom and it was shocking. Everything is only,...

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Looking for the Dead Body

I’ve been on a roller coaster lately with great highs when something beautiful happens and I find myself soaring in the clouds, seeing the big picture and feeling so blessed I can hardly comprehend it.  And then the stresses of life hit me full force, my knees...

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Stretch Marks

My daughter after open heart surgery My younger sister recently had her first baby-- an adorable little human with fuzzy hair, a cute nose and tiny perfect fingers.  Her baby's entrance to this world was a bit stressful, including a C-section, the cord around his...

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